Christian Education Conference

Wider relationship with Jesus

Fri/Sat Conference 2018

Conference Theme:

Truth About Being Transformed: An Expositional look at Roman 12.



Christian Education Conference is for Everybody  that wants to attend. There is also a  class for the Youth. 

Friday Night, April 13, 2018 @7pm… Dr. Elliott Green will conduct General Session On Friday Night As Well Saturday Morning.

Saturday April 14, 2018 @9am… There are several class that you can take throughout the day. When arriving to the location please make sure you choose your classes for the day.

1. Transformational Bible Study Methods:
2. Becoming change agents in Christ: How people Change:
3. What does personal Transformation look like? Evident of Change:
4. The pitfalls of no Change: Religion without Transformation:
5. The Role of Corporate Worship for Transformation: What it does, what it does not:
6. The critical role of assimilation for Transformation: Properly aligning the Church:
7. Shepherding the hearts of the next generation in Transformation:
8. Understanding the Role of the Holy Spirit in the process of Transformation: Met the change Agent:


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